The rain continues to taper off, but many of the plants in the park are still looking strong. I’ll be off playing with the wildflowers in Crested Butte next week, so there won’t be an update on Monument Valley Park next week. (You’ll just have to go check it out yourselves!)

You’re welcome to revisit last week’s post but I’ll try to do a thorough summary of everything that is still blooming. And I do have one new plant to add.

Area 1

Park at the small lot where Fontanero ends at the park, and start walking north.

mownfield.jpgFor those of you who’ve been following “area 1” with me (the area around the stone ditch and then the field north on the right/east side of the trail) will probably be as disappointed as I was to discover that these areas have been completely mowed down to about 1 inch.
Previously this field and ditch area had a beautiful collection of natives and non-natives blooming:
Western spiderwort
Evening primrose
Threadleaf yellowrays
Four o’ clocks
Cowboy’s delight
Sprawling daisy
Yellow salsify

Right now, the field has some thriving red filaree (a low-growing weed that is on the noxious weed list), some patches of cactus, as well as a few brave primrose still blooming. (more…)