rosss_tomatoes2Q: How much sun do I need for my new veggie garden? Does it matter what time of day the sun hits it?

A: Due to our current economic downturn, more families are starting a new garden within their back yard this year. There are certain prevailing rules that govern gardening success. Good soil is of primary importance. Another key fundamental is, simply said, right plant – right place.

The orientation of your home should guide where to site a new garden. Tall trees, perimeter walls and fences can play an equal role. Plants need to capture enough sunlight to produce well. Veggies need to bask in 6 to 8 hours of direct sun each day.

There is something about Colorado Springs weather in the morning here that needs emphasis. The morning is often the calmer time of the day. Cloudless skies and slow breezes offer the purer experience of sunlight and warmth for your vegetable garden. (more…)