Angelina Stonecrop is a garden asset all year long. In summer, the low-growing succulent forms spreading mats of cheerful yellow-green, adorned with clusters of yellow star-shaped flowers. These blooms attract butterflies. But it is in winter that Angelina really shines, when those same fleshy leaves turn an incredible, brilliant orange, with subtle shades of red and yellow. The colors are so intense, the ground appears to be on fire. Such a show would be welcome at any time, but is especially appreciated when everything else is dead or dormant.

All the stonecrops are very easy to grow. They thrive in full sun, and tolerate dry, poor soils. Too much water will kill them. Hardy from zones 3 to 9, they tolerate our Colorado winters with no problem.  Pruning to control size may be done at any time; no other maintenance is needed. Even deer and rabbits tend to leave them alone.

Landscape Use
Angelina Stonecrop is well-suited to rock gardens, especially where it has room to spread. The trailing plants will cascade over walls or the edges of containers. Or place it in front of the border, where its winter glow will complement the browns and golds of dormant grasses.

Article and photo by Leslie Holzmann, Certified Colorado Gardener