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This week, let’s be brave and take a look at one of the many grasses that are thriving in the park this year (grass ID is notoriously difficult!). It is growing in many places, so we’ll start at the parking lot where Fontanero Street ends at the park and walk to the north. We’ll encounter the grass very quickly, but feel free to do the whole mile loop if you want to see just how prolific this grass is.

smoothbrome.jpgSmooth Brome (Bromopsis inermis)
If you walk on the path to the north of the parking lot, you’ll soon notice a tall grass on the west side of the trail along the fence. This is called smooth brome (Bromopsis inermis). It is about three feet tall with beautiful brown seedhead spikes on the top. For a sure-fire identification, look at the leaves closely. Smooth brome has a characteristic “M” (or “W,” if you’re looking at it upside-down) crimped across the middle of the leaf. (more…)