A few weeks ago, some of the earliest green could be seen appearing on trees in our neighborhood. It’s always exciting to see those first tree leaves coming along isn’t it?

Well….the fairly invasive Siberian elm (Ulmus pumila) – pretty much the best example of a “trash tree” in our area –  likes to play a little trick on us. The tiny bits of green we see covering them are actually their ripening seeds. (more…)

elmseeds1.jpgIn parts of Colorado Springs, lots of trees are taking on a greenish tinge over the past two weeks. People have asked me “What is that tree that leafs out so early! I have to get one!” (or variations of this).

Well….one of our craftiest trees actually develops and drops its seeds before it puts out its leaves, and those seeds are a beautiful spring green when they first show. Over the next few weeks, they will turn to tan and then a good wind (and we do get good winds, don’t we?) will blow them out of the trees, scattering them everywhere. And then, it begins. Any spring moisture, including from your sprinkler, will have them sprouting everywhere. I’ve had them growing in my gutters, and even had one get started at the bottom of my car windshield one year!

This tree is the (dunh, dunh,  DUNH!)….. (more…)