DSC_0247Though our growing conditions can be challenging at times,  a wide variety of fruit can be grown here with minimum amount of care.  One of my favorite is Currant (Ribes species).  I love growing them in my home garden, because they are not readily available in the supermarkets.  They are full of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. 

Currants can be used in pies, cakes and jellies.  There are three different types of currants red, white and black.  I grow Red Wilder Currants because it a good plant for the home gardener, it is vigorous and a heavy bearer.

Currants grow here very well because they are winter hardy from zones 3 to 5.  They are a low growing deciduous shrub which can reach heights of three to six feet.  They prefer fertile, well- drained, moist and cool soil.  Keep the soil moist and cool by adding four inches of straw.  They do well in partial to full sun.  (more…)