Hail_and_Flood_Damage_to_Cucumber[1]This summer has been an unusual one considering the last dry few years,  with all the moisture we have been receiving.  If you have lived in the Pikes Peak region long you know along with our thunderstorms, we often receive unwanted hail.  Our region is part of what is called “Hail Alley”.  Hail Alley extends from southeast Alberta, Canada, into Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.  The most hail-prone city in North America is Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Living and gardening in the Pikes Peak Region requires skill, knowledge, luck and a lot of patience.  Not only do we have to deal with drought conditions at times, but when it does rain it is sometimes severe weather.  You can garden here and live with the hail we receive if you are proactive and erect some sort of hail protection structures.