Amending vegetable bed

Q: As a new gardener, I find early spring overwhelming! What should I do to increase my chances of a successful garden this year?

A: I approach each spring with the desire to overcome last year’s gardening challenges, lay a perfect foundation for my new gardening efforts, and try a few new plants and landscaping ideas.

Laying the perfect foundation in any project is one of the most tedious parts of any project because it is usually unseen, but I vow that this year I want to approach it with a new enthusiasm. Last fall I cleaned all of my gardening tools and put the rust-susceptible ends of tools in buckets of sand laced with oil. During the winter I looked at catalogs chocked full of seeds, new plants, landscape paraphernalia and gardening tools.

Now, it’s time to do garden variety “spring cleaning’, a.k.a., laying the perfect foundation for a new garden. I know this can be accomplished in 10 easy steps, so here we go. (more…)