Oct 17, 2006

Yes, you’re right. Our first fall frost does seem to be taking its time in the Pikes Peak foothills and plains region this year! Unlike more typical October weather (see photo at left), we’ve had very warm temperatures and super dry conditions. In fact, the previous record latest date for the first fall frost (official temperature reading taken at the Colorado Springs airport) was Oct 18 (this happened in 1972 and 1980).

Well, the suspense is over! It looks like the new record will be Oct 25 or 26, 2010. (Update: The first frost/freeze occurred Oct 27, 2010 and the temperature was 18 degrees!)

We have a definite freeze watch with a predicted low of 27 degrees F for tonight (Oct 25), which should be enough to defeat most frost protection measures (of course, I’m not talking about the really crazy gardeners who put Christmas lights under their plastic hoop houses to keep temps up). And if tonight doesn’t deliver the killing freeze, it looks like tomorrow night will (predicted low of 25 deg F). (more…)