tulip.jpgMy gosh, it’s November already! Perhaps you have a bulb order sitting in your basement that arrived weeks ago or you’re eyeing those sale notices coming from online bulb sellers and wondering if it’s too late to plant bulbs. Have no fear; you still have time!

This is a marvelous time to take advantage of deep discounts on remaining bulbs. Ordering from reputable online bulb sellers is a good way to go as the bulbs haven’t been sitting out in bins in heated big box stores or even garden centers. They’ve been kept chilled, just waiting to be packed in a box and shipped out. (You can also have more confidence that you are actually getting the bulb varieties you want – bulbs tend to hop around in those open bins.) Any bulb order you place now will likely come very quickly, and you should make time within a few days of receiving them to plant them. Yes, you still have time, but not that much time, so don’t delay. (more…)

Fall is an excellent time to plant new trees. Why not consider an elm?

An elm?!? What??

Elms have certainly gotten a bad reputation, and people rarely think of them when needing to plant a new shade tree. Dutch elm disease has wiped out nearly 100 million American elms in America since 1930. In addition to its American elms, Colorado Springs also has many Siberian elms growing in the area. This tree’s reputation as a “trash tree” is well deserved. It is highly vulnerable to damage by elm leaf beetles, succumbs to bacterial wetwood, plants thousands of volunteer seedlings annually, and drops twigs whenever it is stressed (and it is always stressed). (more…)