youngkohlrabi1Looking to try something new in your vegetable garden this year?   This delectable vegetable’s name is Kohlrabi (German Turnip).  It is a cool season crop so now is the time to plant it in the garden. 

Kohlrabi is a stem plant that resembles a turnip, which is a root crop.  Kohlrabi is an edible bulb that is easily grown in the spring and fall gardens.  It has a similar taste and texture of a cabbage heart, but sweeter and milder.  It can be eaten raw or cooked.  I prefer the cooked method myself.  My wife prepares it in a tasty white cream sauce. (more…)

th_100_6005-3-112As a springtime snow gracefully fell on my garden beds today my mind drifted to the vegetables I had just planted.  The snow mixed with rain, was a welcome sight for my vegetable garden.  Some of you may be asking, what kind of vegetables can be planted with such bizarre weather occurrences?

Actually, there are quite a few cool season vegetables that can be planted right now.  Though, our last frost date is not until around May 15th, cool season vegetables can be planted in the garden now.  Cool season vegetables are ideally suited for the cool weather we are experiencing now.  The cool season vegetables are frost-tolerant and their seeds germinate in cool soil temperatures.  (more…)