th_100_6559-1-1[1]Want to add a little tang to your salad?  Add Tigerella Tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum) to your list of vegetables to grow in your garden for next year.  I know it feels like winter outside right now, but now is the time to be thinking about what you want to grow next summer.  Did the tomatoes you grew this summer live up to your expectations?  Are you like me and like trying out new vegetables every year?

Tigerella tomatoes are an English heirloom variety.  They are not those big tomatoes that you like putting on your hamburger.  When mature they are the size of a billiard ball.  It is an indeterminate tomato and highly productive.  They produce a 4-6 oz. fruit with a rich, tangy flavor.  They mature in 85-100 days and here in Colorado maturity date is a factor to look at when selecting vegetables to grow in your garden.  Of course as many of you know maturity date can vary from location to location here in Colorado Springs.

As far as growing Tigerella, it is grown like any other tomatoes you like to grow.  It likes rich organic soil, full sun, moderate watering and warm soil.  Oh one thing I forgot, no HAIL!  Normally, when I grow tomatoes I plant them, feed them, water them and wait until they ripen so I can eat them.  Tigerella is not only a good tomato for eating, it is fun to watch it mature.

100_6558Tigerella starts off just like any other tomato “Green”.  But as the days get longer and warmer the transformation begins.  Early in the season they are  yellowish green with green stripes.  As they mature the magic begins, they turn red with yellow stripes.  Hence their name “Tigerella”.  If you have children you would like to introduce to vegetable gardening, this would be an ideal tomato to grow in a children’s garden.

Contributed by Rich Young, Colorado Master Gardener. For answers to your horticultural questions, contact the Master Gardener Help Desk at 636.8921 or