Written by: Carey Harrington     

Photo by: Lisa Bird                                                                               

Spreadfruit GoldenbannerHigh Drive - Sonderman - Rockrimmon 091_959x1439

Thermopsis divaricarpa


Appearance:  Spreadfruit goldenbanner is a yellow-flowering perennial that grows from 12-to-36″ tall. The leaves are hairy underneath, and the bright yellow flowers occur in clusters, resembling the flowers found on garden pea plants. This plant is often found growing in large groups. Blooming can start as early as March and continue through late summer.


Habitat: It is found in the plains and foothills, and can be seen in a wide variety of environments, from gravelly roadsides to stream bottoms and meadows. It grows in full sun.


Landscape suitability:  This plant is worth trying in dry or wet sandy soils in the garden. Its bright yellow color can be an attention grabber!  Be aware that it does spread from seed and can quickly form a large patch.


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