The Colorado Master Gardeners of El Paso County are excited to have two new ongoing features to offer in our blog for the 2009 growing and blooming season. Visit often or add us to your RSS feed so you don’t miss a single post!

Native Plant Fanatics – A group of, you guessed it, native plant fanatics will be posting interesting plant profiles in addition to other information on native plants in our area. Watch for tips on choosing and growing natives in your landscape, beautiful photos, occasional alerts of interesting plants blooming in a specific area in or near town, etc.
Click on the “Native Plant Fanatics” category link at the right for all of their posts.

The Veggie Gang – A team of vegetable enthusiasts will post ongoing tips, thoughts, and observations on vegetable gardening in the 2009 season (our season is different every year!). This team gardens in a variety of conditions and situations, from the gopher and vole populated areas in the north part of the county to the sunnier climes of Security. Click on the “The Veggie Gang” category link at the right for all of their posts.